Do you Believe Foot Pain Gets Better With Alcohol?

Pain in the ball of foot Shoes that do not fit properly can cause bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoes and other disabling foot disorders. If your shoes that are pliable and flexible they are often a source of turf toe. Shoes that are pointed make matters even worse.  Foot pain can be fixed and get better just by paying attention to the proper foot care prevention and avoiding conditions or injuries.

The condition is given this name because the pain is caused on the metatarsal area of the foot. Metatarsalgia is a term used to refer to painful foot condition that affects the metatarsal region of the foot. This condition characterized by having pain in ball of foot this condition is marked by pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot. It is often described as a burning sensation in the foot, often combined with excess callous forming.

Foot pain is a very common problem to many individuals at some stage in their lives.  Feet are important for us to function properly every day to take of them.

Metatarsalgia may result naturally from the particular inherited shape of your feet as well as footwear to ligament tear, plantar fasciitis, and gout.

Anything that stretches will help lengthen the plantar fascia and must be strapped or taped to relieve tension. Sometimes this condition is often mistaken for Achilles Tendonitis.

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5 amazing things you probably didn’t know about painful toes

Painful toes that are mildly cool to the touch could be a circulation issue, and you may want to see a doctor for professional advice.  Our feet are complex structures that allow us to remain stable while walking, and shoes that fit well go a long way in maintaining happy, healthy feet.  If your shoes are rubbing on your toes, causing pain, blisters, calluses or corns, or sores. I would suggest purchasing newer shoes that are comfortable and feel good when you walk.

I would suggest that you buy shoes that have as much arch support as possible, and you will find the most comfortable with. Treatment is geared toward doing the least invasive amount as possible to achieve the best results.

If you suffer any joint pain, dislocation, or your toe points upward this will require attention before the condition worsens, so your treatment will depend on the underlying cause.  Surgery is not so often necessary but it could be done to realign, reshape or modify metatarsal bones. Treatment can usually be successful without the need for surgical intervention.

Here are some other causes of painful toes:

  • There are many reasons for painful toes, such as arthritis, gout and others
  • If you don’t want to deal with painful toes and ankles then you need to make sure you have the very best shoes.
  • If you have conditions like bunions, painful toes or other conditions I do not advise you to indiscriminately adjust your toes thinking this is the treatment for these conditions.
  • Most cases of arthritis can involve swollen and painful toes with pain also in the hips.
  • Another manifestation is damage to the nerves which has symptoms of painful toes, which can also be felt to tingle or have gone numb.
  • Skin can be also issues like very dry and wrinkly with red sore spots. This can be painful.
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Sore toes why do I have them

Sore toes can also be caused by plantar fasciitis and problems associated with the arch of your foot which can be caused by foot ware.  Your foot is known as a “rigid lever” because it locks the joints and stabilizes the tendons of the upper foot.

 foot soak

Your foot is a complex structure made up of many small bones and tendons. When you have pain in the bottom or the ball of your foot as well as burning on top, I would start to pay attention to your shoes, because shoes that are too wide do not support the arch, heel or ball of the foot will cause you some pain.

Shoes that are too big can also cause heel slipping while walking, as well as narrower shoes, can cause similar problems along with blistering. When they’re too wide for the wearer they will cause blisters. If you are experiencing sore toes and blister could be a sign of shoes that are too small.

your shoes aren’t comfortable there are not worth buying. Shoes are so good now, you shouldn’t have any problems.  Remember pain is your body’s way of telling us that something is wrong.

Pain is often the worst while walking, but if your pain is unrelenting and unbearable you may need to soak or ice the area as well as use prescription medications.  Pain can affect various parts of your feet such as your heels or arch and it can range in intensity.

Symptoms are usually a sharp pain in the arch while getting up in the morning or after prolonged inactivity. The problem is that on each down stroke, you flatten out the metatarsal arch making it uncomfortable to walk.

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Tired aching feet causes

Tired aching sore feet causes can be a structural foot problem or biomechanical problems such as overpronation or just being flat-footed.

Suffering from a particular foot ailment, like plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, metatarsalgia, Achilles tendonitis and a heel spur, and many others are just some of the common ailments that can cause persistent sore feet or a sore toe.

Other symptoms you may experience would be numbness, tingling sensation, or difficulty walking I would advise that you seek medical attention for the appropriate treatment.

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Symptoms of foot pain

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Posture exercises for seniors

Posture exercises for seniors is a great to prevent loss of bone mass as you age, by staying active helps you build muscle strength and improve balance which helps in preventing the risk of falling.

Building strength improves a senior’s ability to perform their daily tasks with ease and helps combat the declining muscle symptoms of muscular atrophy. An individual suffering from muscular atrophy will often experience body stiffness and poor posture, so with daily strength training exercises can help in reversing muscle atrophy, bone loss, and body stiffness.

Balance Exercises for Seniors –


Add these balance exercises for seniors to your daily routine to maintain and improve your balance. These exercises are great for seniors, but are also beneficial for folks of any age looking to improve balance, posture, and alignment! Perform

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Heel pain causes what are they

Ever suffer from that sharp pain in the heel of your foot? You may ask where are my heel pain causes coming from?

This article goes through some of the possible causes you may have wrong with your feet

Foot pain in general, regardless of the cause or level of intensity can make daily life miserable. However, while pain in the toes, arch, or ball is difficult, heel pain tends to be even more difficult. Keep in mind that at some point in life, most people experience heel pain for one reason or another but there are times when the pain is the cause of something more serious needing medical care.



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Why stress fracture sucks: myth vs reallity

A stress fracture may not show it face or symptoms sometimes for days, weeks, or even months. It will depend on the severity of the injury. You will notice that there will be some swelling and bruise along with skin discoloration.

Sometimes fractures are difficult to diagnose due to the pain location, it can be found that pain in the muscles of your lower legs can be misdiagnosed as shin splints and be often due to fractures in your feet instead.

Some of the causes are from overtraining or overuse, which is usually caused by repeated pounding or impact on a hard surface, something an athlete or a runner would suffer. Make sure you’re wearing proper footwear to avoid any trauma to your feet and if the problems persist seek medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Remember women are at a greater risk of foot stress fractures than men, due to thinning of the bones which is the result of decreased bone density over time caused by many health issues from poor eating habits to osteoporosis, and this can increase the risk of stress fractures.

stress fracture

stress fracture

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Neuroma treatment

Here are some neuroma treatments you can try to relieve the pain, just watch the video below for some ways to deal with your foot issues. If this doesn’t work, then I would consult a doctor for further examination of the problem.

Diabetic Neuropathy Symtpoms

http://www.thesymptomsofdiabetes.orgTue, 26 Mar 2013 08:24:42 GMT

You will find four types of neuropathic symptoms mostly developed over a time period and learn how to recognize them.

Foot Pain – Neuroma

THIS HURTS! What hurts…: my left foot on the bottom between my toe and second finger. what hurts is a nerve in my toe that runs through the bottom middle of my foot. it feels like my foot is split in half throught the inside. How you hurt it…: i …

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metatarsal pain

Metatarsal Pain is one of the most common foot complaints. This is most common amongst athletes who run because this is an injury of the ball of the foot area, which is associated with physical activity and overuse.

Also found in older people due to the overuse and break down of the cartilage when aging and osteoarthritis is one condition that can develop over time.

Metatarsalgia can also be caused by several other foot conditions, like Freiberg’s disease, Morton’s neuroma, and sesamoiditis.

Metatarsal Pain

Metatarsal Pain

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Poor posture exercises will make you suffer

Correcting can take on many forms of chronic back pain before we do anything about it, we need to. It all starts when you’re young, do you remember your mom telling you sit up straight. To be well you will need to practice good posture all the time, all the way through adulthood, but for those who have poor posture can still work on correcting this by doing a few simple exercises on a daily basis.

Posture Improvement – How to Fix Poor Posture Part 2 – Stretches

Downtown Toronto Chiropractor Dr. Jory Basso from discusses tips on how to improve your posture. Poor posture not only can have negative health effects but can impact how others perceive you. In Part Two Dr. Basso provi…

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