5 amazing things you probably didn’t know about painful toes

Painful toes that are mildly cool to the touch could be a circulation issue, and you may want to see a doctor for professional advice.  Our feet are complex structures that allow us to remain stable while walking, and shoes that fit well go a long way in maintaining happy, healthy feet.  If your shoes are rubbing on your toes, causing pain, blisters, calluses or corns, or sores. I would suggest purchasing newer shoes that are comfortable and feel good when you walk.

I would suggest that you buy shoes that have as much arch support as possible, and you will find the most comfortable with. Treatment is geared toward doing the least invasive amount as possible to achieve the best results.

If you suffer any joint pain, dislocation, or your toe points upward this will require attention before the condition worsens, so your treatment will depend on the underlying cause.  Surgery is not so often necessary but it could be done to realign, reshape or modify metatarsal bones. Treatment can usually be successful without the need for surgical intervention.

Here are some other causes of painful toes:

  • There are many reasons for painful toes, such as arthritis, gout and others
  • If you don’t want to deal with painful toes and ankles then you need to make sure you have the very best shoes.
  • If you have conditions like bunions, painful toes or other conditions I do not advise you to indiscriminately adjust your toes thinking this is the treatment for these conditions.
  • Most cases of arthritis can involve swollen and painful toes with pain also in the hips.
  • Another manifestation is damage to the nerves which has symptoms of painful toes, which can also be felt to tingle or have gone numb.
  • Skin can be also issues like very dry and wrinkly with red sore spots. This can be painful.
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