Aching legs and feet

Have aching legs and feet? Well here are some of the things that have always works for me. I always soak my feet in Epsom salts, and follow-up with a mentholated foot cream, this makes them feel real nice.

Also, you will want to invest in special medical socks that help with circulation of your legs. I guess another name for them would be compression socks. Get a pair these; they will make a huge difference.

If you continue to have foot issues, you might want ask your physician or your local pharmacist see what they recommend.


Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli explains, tired/aching legs are commonly caused by strain and traction on the calf muscles at the back of the legs. This occurs when the feet roll over and the legs rotate internally. In turn, this places stress on the leg m…

Compression Socks for Men that Look Great and Feel Great

Subtle ribbed design with Dri-release yarn which helps keep feet cool and dry. Treats: Mild Swelling, Spider Veins, Tired and/or Aching Legs, Mild Varicose Veins. JOBST for Men looks just like stylish fine quality dress socks,

Publish Date: 09/12/2011 10:04

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