Why stress fracture sucks: myth vs reallity

A stress fracture may not show it face or symptoms sometimes for days, weeks, or even months. It will depend on the severity of the injury. You will notice that there will be some swelling and bruise along with skin discoloration.

Sometimes fractures are difficult to diagnose due to the pain location, it can be found that pain in the muscles of your lower legs can be misdiagnosed as shin splints and be often due to fractures in your feet instead.

Some of the causes are from overtraining or overuse, which is usually caused by repeated pounding or impact on a hard surface, something an athlete or a runner would suffer. Make sure you’re wearing proper footwear to avoid any trauma to your feet and if the problems persist seek medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Remember women are at a greater risk of foot stress fractures than men, due to thinning of the bones which is the result of decreased bone density over time caused by many health issues from poor eating habits to osteoporosis, and this can increase the risk of stress fractures.

stress fracture

stress fracture

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